Purple Charm

First post on the blog always should be celebrated, and what better why is there than with one of my favourite colours? Yes, I'm talking about purple. And in this case, I'm talking about OPI - A Grape Fit.
Two coats, but it could have used even three for full coverage.
This colour is a very light, tough pure, shade of purple. It's not leaning to neither red or blue, which many purple shaded polishes tend to do. It's a simple purple, and a nice one at that.

But with all due respect to this grape-y shade, I had to add some sort of decoration. I painted my ring finger in the famous Nfu. Oh - 51, which is a beautiful flake polish in a sheer purple base. Flakies? Purple? I had to have it since the moment I saw it. It is so sheer, that on it's own, I couldn't wear it as an opaque lover. But over A Grape Fit, its perfect. 
On the index finger, I painted 3 dotted lines with black polish, by the Israeli brand "Life". It's a cheap, affordable pharm polish, but its formula is OK, and you can get full coverage with only one coat. 

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